Paideia Education

We must take care, my friend, pause, and do not hazard your dearest interests at a game of chance.

Paideia Education - A Home Education Initiative 

Home education is legal in Ireland. It is enshrined in the Constitution that you, the parents, are the primary and natural educator of your children: that you know best how to educate your children and you know best where to educate your children. Guidelines issued by the Irish State acknowledge that the education you can provide 'may be equally effective if not more effective in meeting the learning needs of the child'. Research in the area of home education consistently shows that the home educated fair better socially, academically, physically and emotionally. 

Paideia Education has been set up with the aim of facilitating those who wish to know more about what it is to educate; especially, parents interested in exercising their constitutional right to educate their children in whatever manner they deem best.