Did you know...

you have a constitutional right to educate your children at home?

You do NOT have to place/keep your children in any particular school. You can remove your children 'if you wish' and educate them in the more natural and nurturing home environment.

there is a straightforward and simple process in place to do this?

The parent must register the child with the Child and Family Agency (TUSLA) and the Agency must be satisfied the child is receiving a 'certain minimum education'.

there is growing evidence that formal education is detrimental to at least some students?

Formal schooling has been reported as the primary factor in cases of childhood and teen stress, anxiety, depression and even suicide. Studies have also linked too much sitting down with obesity, diabetes, some forms of cancer and death.

there are studies indicating that home-educated children fare better psychologically, physically, academically and socially?

Home-based education provides more opportunities to be active, physically, intellectually and emotionally. Home-educated children have a more positive relationship with learning and are more self-directed. They typically excel in terms of academic achievement. They show 'broader and more applicable' social skills. As adults, they are more civilly active, more likely to vote and more likely to report that they are 'very happy' with life, a life they find 'exciting'.

“It is a very recent idea...that the way to teach our young people about the world they live in is to take them out of it and shut them up in brick boxes.”

John Holt