Initial consultation: So you are thinking about educating your child at home. You have no idea how to proceed or even if you want to proceed. I can meet with you either in person or over Skype to discuss, very informally, home education and whether or not it is for you.   

The registration process: the process in Ireland is very straightforward but can seem a little daunting from the outside. I can walk with you every step of the way. For example, I can contact Tusla on your behalf, help you with the registration process, prepare you for the inspection or meet with the inspector myself. I can also help you prepare, or be with you, for any school meetings. How much help you feel you want or need is entirely up to you.

Tutor: not every parent hires a tutor but it is something to consider. Some parents take on the task of academic instruction themselves but for a number of reasons others may decide their child would benefit from a tutor. A good tutor affords you peace of mind, academically speaking. But a good tutor also ensures that your child will interact positively with learning, create a varied and interactive learning environment and further expand the child's realm of socialisation.

Liaise with colleges: You may have a child that wants to go to college. Unfortunately, in Ireland this can be bureaucratically difficult. It can really help to have someone in your corner who knows the system. Once again, the amount of help you want or feel you need is entirely up to you.