In the struggle of man to retain his soul's liberty in a world full of threatening forces, paideia becomes the unshakable nucleus of resistance. 


Hello and welcome to Paideia Education.  A place set up for those who are interested in home education and may have little or no idea where to begin. Paideia holds that 'education' and 'school' should not be considered synonymous.  Everything we experience is in some way educative therefore education takes place wherever and whenever we are. The modern trend in state education of compartmentalising, professionalising and systematising education serves only to weaken the process. We learn best when we are free.   

Children in state schools are forced to be there.  They have no control over what they must learn and when they must learn it. They are told where they must be and with whom, and for how long. They are not free.  This is the life of a prisoner not a seeker of knowledge. No life is enhanced through segregation from the real world. The classroom environment is strikingly different to anything we would wish for ourselves as adults. Yet it is here that we send our children for thousands of their precious hours. 

It is no surprise that home-educated children, on the whole, turn out to be more self-directed, more confident, more independent and more socially aware and active as adults than their formally educated counterparts. 'Schooling' teaches us the virtues of a slave or a prisoner.  A different set of virtues is needed for living life well. 

Life is tricky and it takes skill to navigate it well.  Character development is at the heart of Paideia. Traits like fortitude, fair-mindedness, true understanding and respect are just as necessary as literacy and numerical skills. Maybe even more so.  Character is best developed in a loving home with good values and strong role models. And with the development of character learning takes place too. When a child is taught to love learning, she can take hold of her own education.  She is thus taught to be free, responsible and true. This is Paideia.  This is education. 

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